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Our Story

But, what's the back story?

A hardcore meat lover, watching the news and oblivious of what was going inside her tummy, had a moment in time when the heavens crackled and a beam of light stirred up discomfort in her belly.

She shuffled her gaze between the meat piece on her plate and the TV that was showing inhumane behavior towards a leopard caught in a cage.

It was gruesome. Splashed kerosene, chiseled the fire and the animal was burnt alive.
For hours she cried. “Gee!! feeding on cruelty is never going to allow me to become fully human.”

She began dissecting a generic mindset that one has on animals- one on a plate and one as mate.

She got her hands on this subject and realized It was atrocious to feast on an innocent, not just leopard but every animal that one rightfully thinks it ought to be on a celebration platter.

Little did she know that fount of compassion had opened up and If there was a substitute there could be life likely to live happily. She looked up in gratitude for the realization that crept in and a sweet something that said: "If I give up dairy, there might be a calf happy”.

That day a seed germinated- HAPPY CALF.

The choice she made wasn’t easy, it came with labels- choosey, high maintenance, easily influenced and it went on. Any gathering would mean a lot of justification on the choice made, a lot of how’s and what ’s, amidst that a reigning question- where do you get your calcium and protein from?
No matter what, but this time what was different was- she was rock solid.

With the attempt to keep calves from cruelty not just at home but in all proximity and waking people up to consume mindfully; the company birthed its purpose-

Happy Calf allows compassion to flow freely into what goes in your belly by going non-dairy. Nurturing the body we own, therefore making “humans” out of the being and extending it to the animal world; rippling into Mother nature.

Happy calf started with a vision to cater to the vegans in Bengaluru; specializing in lactose-free, preservative free, live culture and pro-biotic rich products.
Since then we have grown into a company has served more than 3000 people with different dairy-free food and beverages that are plant-based and are artisanal in nature.